Oshima Asami
Oshima Asami Japanese Studies | Japan

Describe your life at Kookmin. What do you like about it, what's special about it, what's new about it. I have been spending 10 months studying in Kookmin University and every day is a new experience for me and I did a lot of things that I have not experieced in Japan. Kookmin University is located in Seoul, but it is surrounded by mountains so very quite and peaceful atmosphere. The scenery varies from season to season, and you can enjoy all of them if you stay here for long. Kookmin University has many classes and events for foreign students. For example, there is a class called “Korean Tea Ceremony“. In that class, you can learn how to make a tea in Korean traditional style. And the class takes place in the traditional Hanok called Myoungwon Folkhouse and it is a unique experience. I was able to enjoy this class just because it is something that you only can experience in Kookmin University. Now, I am taking the class named “Confident Speech”, thanks to this class I now can speak confident in front of the crowd. And thanks to this class my Korean skill got better every day. In addition, there is a program for foreign students called "Global Peers.“ In that program, I was able to travel around Seoul and make friends. How would you recommend Kookmin University to the prospective students? At Kookmin University, there are many friendly staffs and teachers so whenever I have questions or issues they were always there for me. With this great environment and people, I recommend Kookmin University to the prospective exchange students. Studying abroad can be an international opportunity and a great opportunity to meet new people. I talked a lot with my Korean friends and friends from other countries, and because of that I could widen my horizons and learned a lot about the differences between new cultures and thinkings. I have changed my behavior and thought through my study life in Kookmin and I could make the most memorable memories in my life, and I have got more opportunities to know the world and more things to live in the future. I would like to express my gratitude to my friends and teachers whom I met with the Kookmin University environment. I love you Kookmin University

McCann Madeline
McCann Madeline Visual Communication | U.S.A

Describe your life at Kookmin. What do you like about it, what's special about it, what's new about it. At Kookmin, I get to attend classes every day surrounded by gorgeous scenery and friendly peers. My professors challenge me in every class to learn more and become a better member of our global society. Both students and faculty here have been wonderful in creating such a fun and welcoming university environment. I have loved getting to learn more about Korean culture through my time here at Kookmin, and this special campus and its students are something I will never forget! How would you recommend Kookmin University to the prospective students? To anyone looking for a challenge, and a unique learning atmosphere, I recommend Kookmin. Along with these things, Kookmin has a beautiful campus situated at the base of a mountain that is unlike any other univeristy you have seen. No where else will you find a campus as special as this one, where you can come every day to learn and meet friends in a friendly, fun environment.

Putri Rievanda
Putri Rievanda Nano and Electronic Physics | Indonesia

Describe your life at Kookmin. What do you like about it, what's special about it, what's new about it. It has been such a great opportunity to study at Kookmin University. I’ve been able to get many new and different experiences that I wasn’t able to in my home-university. I had the best times here with a journey of self-discovery and unforgettable memories. I like how the Korean people here are friendly to the foreign students, as they would like to share the culture or custom that we are clueless about. When I got some difficulties with language or needed place recommendation, some Korean friends were eager to give me useful information. When I got a confusion with the topic in class, the professor would willingly give me a better explanation after class. That’s just how I really like about them. The environment of the university itself is really nice. The mountain surrounding the area makes the weather much cooler, and the view is also worth seeing. The buildings that I study in are in good condition. So are the public facilities, convenient and well taken care of. How would you recommend Kookmin University to the prospective students? At Kookmin University, we can experience many interesting activities such as student clubs, global peers, and of course learn Korean language and culture. The university really encourage us, foreign students, to explore and gain as many as possible experience and knowledge about Korea, as later we can tell many good things about our living days here back to our home country. Before exchange, I didn’t have that much confidence to study abroad, live alone, and be apart from my beloved ones. But now it proved me wrong. I even learn some other positive things by living here. I see that people should have tolerance between each other as we living with culture differences, respect older people and social status, and so on. Hence, I realized that those things can lead me into a better person, shape a good character and change my view of life. I have gained more experience, confidence and self-dependence within the semester and never regretted anything. I could say that, Kookmin University is one of the great universities in Korea that been able to invite many exchange students from various countries, to experience living and studying in Korea as well as exchanging knowledge about cultures. That also means to help strengthen the relationship between Korea and many countries within many fields, particularly in education.

Nelson Kriss Valentin Julie
Nelson Kriss Valentin Julie Electrical Engineering | France

Describe your life at Kookmin. What do you like about it, what's special about it, what's new about it. My life at Kookmin is great. Here, our schedule is not as full as in France and we have to study a lot by ourselves. Even though I am busy with assignments I still have time to socialize with new Korean and foreign friends.Assignments are mostly taught in English and in Korean because understanding English is quite hard for Korean students. But, you can still buy English books to help studying. Kookmin has a huge campus! It is very impressive to cross a soccer, basketball and tennis fields when you go to your classrooms. Also, the university is surrounded by mountains so we feel very close to Nature. Except for meeting friends thanks to Global Peers Program and hanging out after school, I couldn’t participate many activities. However I registered the Fitness Club because I got on weight by dint of eating so well at the cafeteria and in restaurants. How would you recommend Kookmin University to the prospective students? It is, also,very appreciable to know that we can count on a few students and office workers, at Global center to help us if we have any question or problem about anything. Studying in a foreign country is always a new exciting experience but studying at Kookmin is a great adventure. I really like Korea, I got used to my life here and I have habits. I have discovered a lot of things about the country but also about myself. I am experiencing being independent in a non english speaking country and I like it, it amazes me. Now, I can say that if it was hard to be understood from people in the beginning, learning Korean at Kookmin has made things easier. Living in the dormitory makes socializing very easy. I live with people from all around the world and I have met lots of friends there. Of course, I miss my family but I can say, here in Korea thanks to Kookmin University, I have found a new one. So, if I had to give you an advice: If you want to study in Korea, Kookmin is the greatest place you can find!

Carranza Anton Diego
Carranza Anton Diego Mechanical Engineering | Spain

Describe your life at Kookmin. What do you like about it, what's special about it, what's new about it. I usually spend my whole day at school, because Kookmin is a university full of life and activity. Compared to my university in Spain, the campus is huge and there are many things to do. There aren't many foreigners in the engineering school, so I really enjoy being in classes surrounded only by Koreans. It provides a more unique environment to learn in. The classes I take are mostly in English, but the professors often speak in Korean, so it's like I'm attending Korean classes as well. At lunch time I love to eat Korean food at the university restaurants, and dining halls- the dishes are so cheap and delicious! KMU has a lot of clubs that you can join. I wanted to experience Korean culture to the fullest, so I joined four clubs at the same time. Even though a lot of Koreans don't feel confident speaking in English, I made a lot of friends, and from them I'm learning a lot about Korean lifestyle and culture. Last but not least, there are some cats hanging around the campus, my favourite one is Tofu (두부) because she is so fat and cute! How would you recommend Kookmin University to the prospective students? For students who are interested in being exchange students, but have not decided on a destination, there are many reasons why you will love Korea. Korea is very unique with its tasty food, high quality education, and advanced technology. After several months here I've come to know how professional and competent this university is. The content of my engineering courses is very fresh and up to date, and the professors explain everything in great detail. The entire university works like a clock, utilizing new technology in nearly everything they do.

Feng Yasong
Feng Yasong Chinese Studies | China

Describe your life at Kookmin. What do you like about it, what's special about it, what's new about it. been an honor to do this interview and to share my life and study in Kookmin University. I came to Korea on 2017, August 26th and started my one-year exchange life in Kookmin University. The first time I walked into the campus I was deeply attracted by the view in front of me. Beautiful flowers, fresh air, modern buildings surrounded by mountains and trees, this is the amazing Kookmin University. Speaking of the life in Kookmin University, I want to describe it with humanized and colourful. From application and preparation before you come, airport pick up to dormitory assignment, orientation and course selection, the International Affairs Division will give you the most careful help and directions. There are 4 student canteens in school which provide healthy foods with reasonable price. The dormitory is clean, comfortable and well-equipped and the staffs here are warm-hearted. Every Monday night important information will be provided through the broadcast so you won’t miss them. How would you recommend Kookmin University to the prospective students? The after-school life is really colourful and interesting: lots of student clubs and special programs like GPS will make you get used to the new life quickly and meet many new friends from all over the world. Activities like orchestras, operas, folk performances and Korean traditional culture experience will make you get to know Korea from every aspects. As for the study, the most distinctive thing is that you can choose many courses not only your major courses. For example, my major in Shandong University is Korean, but here in Kookmin University I can also choose other language courses, humanity courses, history courses even economy courses. And you also don’t need to worry about if the course is too difficult or unsuitable because if it is, the dedicated professor will recommend you with other appropriate courses. So, if you study hard and make good use of your time, I’m sure you will be able to learn new knowledge and achieve success. I will be back next June and by that time, I believe that I would be a new me, a better me. Everything happened here will be the most precious memories for me and I thank every friend I met here, every teacher who helped me with, and most of all, the Kookmin University, the place I will always be grateful with.