Greetings from the President

鄭勝列 鄭勝列
Kookmin University will become the University of Entrepreneurship that will lead the era of digital transformation.

Welcome to the website of Kookmin University, the first private university founded in Korea after its liberation in 1945.

Kookmin University was founded in 1946 by Haegong Shin Ik-hee and other key members of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea with the goal of cultivating individuals needed for the establishment of an independent and democratic country. In 1959, the university was acquired by Sungkok Kim Sung-kon, who was deeply committed to this foundational philosophy. Deeply rooted in a commitment to independence from colonial rule and entrepreneurial values, Kookmin University has become one of Korea’s major institutions of higher education that practices community mindedness and an educational philosophy of pragmatism.

The entrepreneurial spirit Sungkok Kim Sung-kon’s entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by the ability to come up with new ideas, through creative and innovative thinking, and the desire and commitment to solve any problems that arise in implementing such ideas. Entrepreneurs do not fear failure, are always excited to accept a challenge or change, and have a strong desire to improve the lives of others and better the community.

Kookmin University’s educational philosophy reflects its efforts to serve the community by applying the entrepreneurial spirit. We help students develop the ability to come up with new ideas, think creatively, and solve problems.

A premier university and leader of the entrepreneurial spirit Kookmin University supports student growth in three ways: practical on-site learning, interdisciplinary learning, and self-directed learning. Once they are equipped with problem-solving skills and the desire to change society for the better, students can put their abilities to the test through Kookmin University’s diverse entrepreneurial classes. The many Kookmin alumni who are active in Korea’s startup sector are proof of our commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Kookmin University will do its utmost to be Korea’s foremost institution of higher education that is grounded in the entrepreneurial spirit and contributes to the country’s digital transformation by cultivating a skilled workforce.

Our doors are wide open to anyone who wishes to feel the pride that comes with being a member of the Kookmin family and channel that pride into innovative energy. Kookmin University is waiting for you!

Jeong Seung Ryul
Kookmin University

Dr. Jeong Seung Ryul
Dr. Jeong Seung Ryul
Dr. Jeong Seung Ryul

President of Kookmin University

Personal information

  • Jeong Seung Ryul (정승렬, 鄭勝列)
  • Date of birth: October 22, 1962


  • 1985 B.A., Economics, Sogang University
  • 1989 M.S., Information Systems, University of Wisconsin
  • 1995 Ph.D., Information Systems, University of South Carolina


  • 1995–1997Manager, Consulting Division, Samsung SDS
  • 2000–2009 Informatization advisor, Hanwha Life Insurance, Daekyo, Hanwha General Insurance, NH Investment & Securities, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance
  • 2001–2005 Member, Evaluation Committee for Informatization of Central Administrative Institutions, Office for Government Policy Coordination
  • 2001–2005Member, Evaluation Committee for National Informatization Projects, Office for Government Policy Coordination
  • 2001–2007Member, Information & Statistics Screening Committee, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • 2002–2005nformatization advisor, Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • 2002–2010Data advisor, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
  • 2004Member, ITA/EA Expert Committee, National Computerization Agency
  • 2005–2006Member, International Relations Informatization Sub-Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • 2006–2007Member, Informatization Budget Council, Ministry of Planning and Budget
  • 2006–2007National tax administration Informatization advisor, National Tax Service
  • 2006–2009Member, Evaluation Committee for Institutional Informatization, Korea Coast Guard
  • 2006–2023Member, Evaluation Committee for Budget Projects, Bank of Korea
  • 2008–2009Informatization advisor, Korea Racing Authority
  • 2008–2010Informatization policy advisor, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
  • 2009–2012Vice President for International Affairs & Public Relations / Dean of Institute of International Education, Kookmin University
  • 2009–2013Informatization officer, Constitutional Court of Korea
  • 2010–2012Informatization advisor, Korea Sangjo Mutual Aid Cooperative
  • 2010–2012Member, Evaluation Committee on Institutional Self-Assessment, Ministry of Unification
  • 2013–2014Editor-in-chief, Review of Korean Society for Internet Information
  • 2014–2015Vice President for International Affairs & Public Relations / Director of Myungwon Folk House, Kookmin University
  • 2014–2015President, Korean Association of Deans of University International Affairs (KADIA) and Korean Association of Foreign Student Administrators (KAFSA)
  • 2015Conference chair, 7th International Conference on Internet (ICONI)
  • 2016–2018Vice President for Planning / Director of Creative Korea (CK) Project, Kookmin University
  • 2016–2017President, Korean Society for Internet Information (KSII)
  • 2017–2019Executive Vice President for Budgeting and Planning / Director of Career Development Office / Director of Innovation Implementation Office, Kookmin University
  • 2019President, Korean Association of University Vice Presidents
  • 2020–2021President, Korean Association of University Vice Presidents
  • 2020–2021Member, Evaluation Committee on Large Software Projects, Public Procurement Service
  • 2020–2021Task and Informatization innovation advisor, Seoul Design Foundation
  • 2020–2023Editor-in-chief, KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems
  • 2020–2023Data advisor, Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • 2021Diagnostic advisor on basic university capability, Korea Educational Development Institute
  • 2022–2023Member, Evaluation Committee On Institutional Self-Assessment, Ministry of Environment
  • Sep. 2023Inaugurated as the 13th President of Kookmin University

Honors and Awards

  • 2001 Outstanding Thesis Award for Science and Technology (Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies)
  • March 15, 2001 Best Paper Award, Fall International Conference of Korea Society of Management Information Systems (KMIS)
  • 2006 Prime Minister’s Award for Informatization Agents of Merit, Office of the Prime Minister
  • 2010 Outstanding Paper Award, Fall Conference of KMIS
  • 2012 Paper of the Month, Information Systems Review (August issue)
  • 2012 Outstanding Paper Award, Fall Conference of Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society (KIISS)
  • 2013 Best Paper Award, KSII Spring Conference
  • 2013 Best Paper Award, 8th Asia Pacific International Conference on Information Science and Technology (APIC-IST 2013)
  • 2014Outstanding Paper Award, 6th ICONI
  • 2016Outstanding BK21 Plus Project Team (social science sector), National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)
  • 2017Most-Cited Paper Award, KIISS
  • 2017Outstanding Paper Award, 9th ICONI
  • 2018Outstanding Publication Award (academic book component), KMIS
  • 2018Outstanding Paper Award, KSII Fall Conference
  • 2020Outstanding Paper Award, 15th Asia Pacific International Conference on Information Science and Technology (APIC-IST 2020)
  • 2020Outstanding Faculty Award (service component), Kookmin University
  • 2020Best Paper Award, 7th IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technologies and Applied Sciences (ICETAS 2020)
  • 2021Academic Award, KSII
  • 2022Outstanding Paper Award, KSII Fall Conference