College of Computer Science

The mission of the College of Computer Science is to educate software experts with global competitiveness through reflecting the needs of the industry in the curriculum, such as a solid knowledge of basic software and open source skills. Our college is proud to offer a series of project-based learning courses as a Senior year program, where students can experience how to apply their knowledge and skills acquired during the undergraduate courses to a real-world problem. Modern industries that can benefit from software technology are not limited to traditional software companies, but include finance, commerce, agriculture, healthcare, automotive, home appliance, and so on. The graduates are expected to be employed in various domestic and foreign start-ups or large companies related to the aforementioned areas. They can also go on to graduate school to further develop their professionalism and ability to conduct self-directed research.

School of Software

  • Software

    The College of Computer Science aims to train globally competitive software professionals with a innovative curriculum based on open source software. Up to the second year, students are expected to gain strong basic software knowledge covered in fundamental undergraduate courses. Until graduation, students learn the major in more depth by selecting multiple specialized tracks that reflect demands from the industry, such as BigData/MachineLearning, Media/Entertainment, IoT, Web/InformationSecurity, and EnterpriseSoftware. For senior students, a project-oriented latest technology and capstone design project courses make students have the ability to demonstrate the knowledge and software development skills learned in the undergraduate courses.