College of Automotive Engineering

In order to cultivate automotive experts who represent the status of Korea, the world's top four power in automobile industry, the College of Automotive Engineering was established in 2014 as the first automobile-specialized college in Korea under the full support from the Korean government and automobile businesses. The college is composed of two departments; Department of Automotive Engineering that was established in 1992 and the newly founded Department of Automobile and IT Convergence.

Department of Automotive Engineering

The Department of Automotive Engineering was established in 1992 as a special department designed for the cultivation of high-tech automobile industry and since then, it has produced countless persons of talent who take pivotal roles for the social development in a variety of fields. Modern technology is being developed by organically combining various fields of academe and especially, the traditional course of automotive engineering can no longer respond to the changes taking place. Thus, the Department of Automotive Engineering provides education for the cultivation of professional technicians based on comprehensive academic knowledge, ranging from mechanical system design to controller design in use of computer technology.

Especially, the Department of Automotive Engineering was taken as an independent department from the existing Department of Automotive Engineering in the Engineering College; thus, it is expected to build up the reputation for more specialized automobile education.

Department of Automobile and IT Convergence

For the creation of new values through converged automobile and IT technology, the Department of Automobile and IT Convergence was established in 2014 in pursuit of cultivating highly qualified professionals who are equipped with converged knowledge in automotive engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering. Automotive technology became more complicated and diversified today and such trend is getting more accelerated. As an example of such trend, the market promotion of hybrid and electric car can be considered and it is expected that global automobile manufacturers will offer unmanned vehicles in the market in the next few years. Such development was possible through the convergence of automobile and IT technology and the scope of IT technology that will be applied to automobile in the future will be further expanded. Thus in order to cultivate the converged men of talent who are equipped with creativity and can contribute to the development of high-tech automobile and IT convergence technology, Kookmin University established the Department of Automobile and IT Convergence.

The education provided in the Department of Automobile and IT Convergence puts emphasis on the cultivation of creative talent who can autonomously identify, express, and solve problems. Such can be accomplished through teamwork based on proper education that adheres to basic principles and having that as the foundation, the students are asked to develop and complete projects through practice. Moreover, field education and class participation of experts in related business will be actively utilized to provide the students with a realistic learning environment.

The Department of Automobile and IT Convergence continuously promotes employment enhancement, expansion of talent cultivation based on industry-university cooperation, improvement of educational programs, and vitalized creative R&D. Meanwhile, it will create an advanced academic community for the students to gain a sense of pride as a professional automobile engineer.