Student Activities

The Global Peers Program is a recognized KMU student organization that matches new international exchange students with Korean students who are enrolled in KMU. Living in a new country is challenging at times and Global Peers can be a navigator for you to learn about the new culture, people, and our university. In Global Peers you can get to mingle with not just Korean students, but also other international students from over 30 different countries, experience unique Korean lifestyle, have some fun and study together to become a better student and better person in global world. For more information, please leave a message on our Facebook page (Globalpeers_KMU).

Global Peers Activities

  • Group Activities (eating Korean food, going to a K-POP concert, watching sports games (baseball, football), watching movies, experiencing Seoul’s nightlife)
  • Cultural activities (Visiting Korean Folk Village, Making traditional food)
  • Welcome dinner and Farewell dinner
  • Other activities suggested by the students throughout the year !

Global Peers Benefits

  • Conversing with Korean Peers friends who have knowledge in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish language and many other languages.
  • Getting assistance for course registration and apply for student ID card by our Help Desk program.
  • Experiencing group activities with the Korean students and learn about the Korean culture and language
  • Getting aids and sharing daily life with the fellow students and coordinator by joining a Global Peers group chat

Facebook Page

There are over 65 clubs you can join here at Kookmin.
Knock on the door, Have fun & get involved!

Performing Arts

  • The Musical

    Producing and watching musicals

    Student Union #115


    Street dance

    Student Union #124


    Hip-hop, R&B

    Student Union #123

  • Ullimpae

    Korean traditional Instrument band

    Student Union #125

Liberal Arts & Volunteers club

  • Myeongundahoe

    Korean traditional tea ceremony

    Myoungwon Folk House

  • Giuhoe

    self-discipline through playing go(baduk)

    Student Union #226

  • KUSA (Korean Unesco Student Association)

    Volunteering club

    Student Union #240

Art Exhibition



    Student Union #245

  • LIA (Life In Art)

    Volunteer works in everyday life including wall painting

    Student Union #217

  • Bitirang

    Research on black-and-white photograph

    Student Union #318

Ball games & Leisure


    Baseball club

    Student Union #132


    Bowling and other leisure sports

    Student Union #238

  • K.M.T.C (Kookmin university Tennis Club)

    Tennis club

    Tennis Court


    Soccer club

    Student Union #211

  • TAB

    Basketball club

    Student Union #116

Sports & Martial Arts


    Taekkyeon club
    (Korean traditional martial art)

    Student Union #246

  • JUDO

    Judo club

    Student Union #221


    Taekwondo club

    Student Union #232