School of Humanities, Art & Technology

The School of Humanities, Art & Technology (HAT) was established to provide students with open-minded, field-oriented education through the convergence of the humanities, art, and technology, so that they may go on to become well-rounded professionals capable of creating greater value in their respective fields. The school offers an undergraduate program consisting of interdisciplinary courses that bring together seemingly unrelated fields, such as the humanities, art, and natural science, allowing students in their junior and senior years to take courses in those fields to satisfy the requirements of their double or interdisciplinary major or minor programs. The interdisciplinary major program focuses on creating greater value in human life by converging seemingly unrelated fields of study, such as the humanities, social science, and natural science. It consists primarily of two programs: the "school-designed interdisciplinary major program," which is designed by the school in consideration of social demand, and the "self-designed interdisciplinary major program," which allows students to design the program to suit their own specific academic goals.