College of Architecture

There was once a time when building in a quick, high, and grand manner was deemed as the objective of architectural engineering. This resulted in the existence of buildings that do not take into consideration the human aspects nor the element of design. College of Architecture at Kookmin University is equipped with an independent educational environment known as Design-oriented 5-year College of Architecture as the system of cultivating the international-level architects by specializing in architectural design in Korea so as to correct the wrong architectural culture.

* Architecture Department

School of Architecture

The School of Architecture at Kookmin University, the first five-year program established in Korea, specializes in fostering the next generation of architects leading the profession. The school offers independent curriculum centered on architectural design and planning. As the first school in Korea to offer a studio-oriented system in architectural education, the school has had a unique history of strong affiliation with the College of Design instead of the College of Engineering. The students explore the diverse field of architectural issues and undertake studies in the environment rooted in the tradition of integrating decorative arts, visual design, industrial design, fashion design, and others. Since its independent establishment of the School of Architecture in 2001, our goal has been to nurture a new generation of professionals who can envision architecture as a physical coagulation of social systems, arts, tangible and intangible cultural forms, and digital technology. The students who graduated from Kookmin have made important contributions to the architectural culture in Korea by creating the new image of the architect - as a forerunner, cultured individual, and professional designer. Instead of having a narrow view of the architect as an expert only in a practical perspective, the program at Kookmin draws upon diverse attitudes towards architecture and approach to design in order to develop new talents with a comprehensive knowledge of design, history, critical theory and arts.

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