Specialized Graduate Program

Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education has been conducting research and improving teaching in theory and in practice to promote all around education. It has been providing its graduates with leadership skills in order to make better educators for Korean students.

Graduate School of Business Administration

The Graduate School of Business Administration provides students with concrete work experience in a variety of related fields, allowing them to broaden their scope or to concentrate on detail. It is an opportunity for self-development, and to master administrative skills in a wide range of business subjects.

Graduate School of Public Administration

The educational purpose of the Graduate School of Public Administration is to study and teach the theory and practice of administration using scientific methods, as well as to facilitate the understanding of public issues. Its system of education imparts the techniques of communication in order to reach rational solutions to management problems involving political issues and administrative organizations.

Graduate School of Engineering

The Graduate School of Engineering (GSE) was established in 1992 to meet the overwhelming nationwide need for professionals with up-to-date experience and knowledge in engineering. The GSE consists of 6 academic departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Advanced Materials Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Computer Engineering. The GSE provides practical and in-depth courses that enable students and working professionals to develop competency in a special area of concentration and to stay abreast of rapid changes in their fields.

Graduate School of Design

The Graduate School of Design is building the foundation of innovative spirit, which is realized through intensified thoughtful professionalism, development and expansion of a new professional area, and convergence between dynamic fields and technologies, as the core value objective of the education to construct progressive and innovative programs for the cultivation of design experts.

The Graduate School of Design provides a series of design masters' courses for the purpose of training a variety of highly qualified design experts who can efficiently and aesthetically create designer items for the modern world. As of 2011 the school has a good selection of courses ranging from Product Design, Environmental Design, Transportation & Leisure Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Green Design, Photography and Film, Motion Graphics & Animation, Illustration, Jewelry Design, Glass Design, Ceramic Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Pattern·Modelism Design, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, and Furniture Design.

Graduate School of Politics & Leadership

The Graduate School of Politics and Leadership was established with the purpose of helping professionals better understand domestic and foreign political affairs. This graduate school not only aims to contribute to the development of a democratic society in an international community, but also attempts to emphasize the education of political leaders who have integrity and expertise in the 21st century.

Graduate School of Sports Industry

Through the combination of scientific method with sports industry, this graduate school trains sports industry professionals with proven leadership skills in the field of sports marketing.

Graduate School of Legal Affairs

The Graduate School of Legal Affairs strives to become the most practical institution specializing in Claims adjusters, Judicial affairs of Real estate, Judicial affairs of Security, Interdisciplinary Judicial Affairs of Unification, Anti terrorism & security, and Korean law in a rapidly developing information and technological society. Recently, it authored one of the most important laws in our society, the law regarding police administration and intelligence security, after the violent terrorist acts against the U.S. occurred on September 11, 2001. It welcomes all candidates who want to be potential leaders in these specific areas.

Graduate School of Total Arts

The Graduate School of Total Arts aims at teaching and researching the various ways of expressing art through the diverse styles and media available to artists and their audience. There are five areas of study:the Suzuki Method of Teaching Music, the New Form in Visual Arts, the Musical Theatre, the Dance Theatre, and Multi-media Film Production. We equip our students with a wide range of technical skills, aesthetic insights, and a highly professional attitude.

Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship

The graduate program of global entrepreneurship is the ideal choice for working professionals who want to acquire the skills to jump start or redefine their career paths. 3 tracks (Incubation/Education/Venturing) are available and includes an internship in addition to all entrepreneurship courses.

As the signature program of Kookmin university for Entrepreneurship, the 2 year experience provides various opportunities to learn best entrepreneurial practices from experts, including our qualified faculties, serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, policy makers and regional and national business leaders.