Application Process

Academic Calendar for School Year 2018

1st (Spring) semester
· 1st(Spring) semester begins Mar. 2(Fri)
· Course add & drop period Mar. 2(Fri) ~ Mar. 9(Fri)
· Mid-term examinations Apr. 20(Fri) ~ Apr. 26(Thu) Week 8
· Children’s Day May. 7(Mon)
· Buddha’s Birthday May. 22(Tue)
· Memorial Day Jun. 6(Wed)
· South Korean local election Jun. 13(Wed)
· Course registration for Summer sessions Jun. 5(Tue) ~ Jun. 8(Fri)
· Final examinations Jun. 8(Fri) ~ Jun. 21(Thu) Week 15
· Make-up classes Jun. 15(Fri) ~ Jun. 21(Thu) Week 16
· Tuition payment period for Summer sessions Jun. 12(Tue) ~ Jun. 15(Fri)
· Summer vacation begins Jun. 22(Fri)
· Summer session period Jun. 22(Fri) ~ Jul. 13(Fri) 16 days
· Course registration for Fall semester Aug. 8(Wed) ~ Aug. 20(Mon)
· Independence Day (National Holiday) Aug. 15(Wed)
· Tuition payment for Fall semester Aug. 21(Tue) ~ Aug. 24(Fri)
· Commencement Aug. 22(Wed)
2nd (Fall) semester
· 2nd(Fall) semester begins Aug. 27(Mon)
· Course add & drop period Aug. 27(Mon) ~ Sep. 3(Mon)
· Thanksgiving(Chuseok) holiday Sep. 24(Mon) ~ Sep. 26(Wed)
· Foundation Day Oct. 3(Wed)
· Hangeul Day Oct. 9(Tue)
· Mid-term examinations Oct. 15(Mon) ~ Oct. 19(Fri) Week 8
· Kookmin University 72nd Anniversary Oct. 18(Thu) No classes
· Course registration for Winter sessions Nov. 28(Wed) ~ Nov. 30(Fri)
· Final examinations Dec. 3(Mon) ~ Dec. 14(Fri) Week 15
· Make-up classes Dec. 10(Mon) ~ Dec. 14(Fri) Week 16
· Tuition payment period for Winter sessions Dec. 5(Wed) ~ Dec. 7(Fri)
· Winter vacation begins Dec. 17(Mon)
· Winter session period Dec. 17(Mon) ~ Jan. 9(Wed) 16 days
· Christmas Dec. 25(Tue)
· New Year Day Tue, Jan. 1 2019
· Lunar New Year(Seol-nal) holiday Feb. 04(Mon) ~ Feb. 6(Wed)
· Course registration for Spring semester Feb. 08(Fri) ~ Feb. 18(Mon)
· Tuition payment for Spring semester Feb. 21(Thu) ~ Feb. 27(Wed)
· Commencement Feb. 20(Wed)
· Matriculation Ceremony for Undergraduates Feb. 22(Fri)

The Incoming Student Exchange is a program between Kookmin University and our exchange partner universities. If you are studying at an exchange partner institution you may be eligible to apply for the Incoming Student Exchange for one semester or for a full year. When you study through the Incoming Student Exchange program, you are studying as an exchange student from your home institution and are not required to pay tuition fees to Kookmin University. To apply for the incoming student exchange program, you must be nominated by one of our partner institutions. The credits you earn while studying here may be transferred back to your home institution. A list of current exchange partners is available on our website.


  • Fall semester : June 20th
  • Spring semester : December 20th


  • 01

    Apply through your home university

  • 02

    Successful students will be nominated to Kookmin University from their home university

  • 03

    Screening of students and placing students to our departments
    * Space is limited at College of Design/Arts/Architecture

  • 04

    Announcement of selected students and issuance of admission documents

Required Documents

  • Exchange Student Application
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Most Recent Transcript from home institution in English
  • Copy of Passport
  • ID photo (JPEG format, color)
    + Design/Architecture/Fine Arts applicants: Portfolio
Exchange students must obtain a student visa from a Korean Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence.

Prepare all the required documents to enter Korea, including an admission letter. We will send the Admission documents to the coordinator of the your home institution upon its issuance. Exchange students will require a D-2 visa.

Once accepted into the Kookmin University, International Affairs Division will email the students important information about housing, registering for classes, arriving in Seoul, etc.

Students are requested to arrive in Korea on the date appointed by Kookmin University. Students are able to move into the accommodation upon arrival. Orientation for new International students will be held and your participation is mandatory.