Affiliated Research Center

Humanities and Social Science
  • Institute of Language and Literature Research
  • Institute of Korean Studies
  • Institute of Japanese Studies
  • Institute of Eurasian Studies
  • Center for Interdisciplinary Research on China
  • Research Institute for Politics and Strategy
  • Future Korea Institute
  • Educational Research Institute
  • Institute of Social Sciences
  • The Institute for Public Affairs
  • Center for Cross-cultural Studies
  • Legal Research Institute
  • Kookmin Institute for Strategic Governance
  • Institute of Information and Law
  • Finance Law Institute
  • Institute of Sports Betting Problems


  • Kookmin Institute of Economic Research
  • Kookmin Institute of Business Research
  • Kookmin Information Technology Research Institute
  • Kookmin Research Institute for Finance and Services
  • Creative Management Research Institute

Engineering & Science

  • Institute of Engineering Technology
  • Structural Safety Research Center
  • RF/Microwave Monolithic IC Research Institute
  • Automotive Technology Research Institute
  • Kookmin Research Institute of Auto Service Assessment
  • The Basic Science Institute
  • Institute of Sport Science
  • Institute of Forest Science
  • Institute of Telematics
  • Water and Environment Research Institute
  • Institute of Bio-Fusion Science and Technology
  • Nanoscale and Technology Research Institute
  • Research Center for Wellbeing Environmental Technology
  • Center for Advanced Materials Technology
  • Kookmin Power Electronics Center
  • Institute of Spin Quantum Mössbauer Spectroscopy
  • Cryptography & Information Security Institute
  • Institute of Molecular Recognition Nano Technology
  • Food Research Center for Disease Prevention
  • Computer Engineering Laboratory
  • Open Source Software Research Center

Arts and Design

  • Composite Arts Institute
  • Institute of Techno Design
  • Center for Super Precision & Innovative Design
  • Oriental Culture & Design Center
  • Institute of Architecture and Urban Studio
  • Institute of Craft Culture and Industry
  • Institute of Environmental Design