Incorporated and expanded in 2009 to realize the internationalization strategy of Kookmin University, the Institute of International Education (IIE) contributes substantially to the improvement of the cultural diversity of Kookmin University by developing various education programs for foreign and local students.

IIE consists of the Korean Language Center, which is devoted to teaching the Korean language to foreigners, the Foreign Language Center, which is devoted to teaching foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, etc., and the Global Education Center, which is devoted to offering academic and non-academic degree education programs for foreign students.
IIE Korean Language Center Programs
  Korean Language Education was started to help foreign students learn Korean language and culture. The Center provides various systematic educational programs to meet the demands of the students.

Short-term Korean Language Program (3 week program)
  The program is designed for students to learn Korean language and culture intensively in a short time period. There will be a cultural experience class every day.
Intensive Korean Language Program
     (10 week program, 4 semesters / a year)
  The program is designed to train students intensively in the speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills of the Korean language. The course is divided into six levels and each class consists of fifteen students or less.
Undergraduate Program (15 week program)
  The Undergraduate Program is a Korean language program for foreign students currently enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students at Kookmin University. It is open to credit-earning students.

Student Support Services
  IIE offers diverse Student Support Services including Extra-Curricular Activities, Scholarships, and Audits to enhance students' cultural experience and academic success. IIE will do all it can to help students be successful academically and socially in Korea.

Extra-Curricular Activities :
  Students can experience the Korean culture outside the classroom. A teacher will be your guide for sightseeing, industry visits, and the experience of traditional activities.
Scholarships :
  Students have an opportunity to receive scholarships. Many Students can qualify for these scholarships. They include students with fine academic records and students who take on-campus positions such as in Work & Study, translation, etc.
Audit System :
  Students may audit undergraduate classes if their Korean language skills meet the requirement.

+ Office : International Education Hall #205
+ Phone :
  • Korean Language Center : +82-2-910-5815
  • Center for International Student Services : +82-2-910-5841~5843
  • + Fax : +82-2-910-5810
    + Business Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM (Mondays ~ Fridays)
    + Website : http://iie.kookmin.ac.kr/english