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When an international student is accepted by Kookmin University, the International Affairs Team(IAT) takes action by issuing a Certificate of Admission and other documents for student visa application. Besides issuing student documents, the IAT coordinates a number of services for international students. IAT is a place where international students should visit often while studying at Kookmin University IAT is mainly in charge of inviting international students as well as exchange students, running Korean cultural experience programs, conducting international student orientations, and helping international students settle into Kookmin University. The IAT also helps international students with their visa matters and health insurance.
Every international student is welcome to visit the IAT for useful information and advice. Students can come to the IAT for a chat with a friendly staff member or to get updated with the latest events for international students.

Duties include :
+ Supporting the international relations between universities
+ Managing exchange agreement related tasks
+ Providing consultation regarding studying abroad and URP issuance tasks
+ Oversee
  1. Student exchange program
2. Dual Degree program
3. Program for studying abroad
4. Government invitation scholarship student program
+ Taking care of foreign visiting figures and related protocol
+ Managing and operating the guest house and dormitory for foreign teachers, students and visitors
+ Preparing promotional material regarding language and internal guide information
+ Supporting international exchange related business trips
+ Other international exchange public relations
Location and Contact Information
+ Office : International Education Hall #202
+ Phone : +82-2-910-4115~8, 4148, 5210, 5347
               +82-2-910-5802~9, 5816~20
+ Fax : +82-2-910-5810
+ Business Hours : 9 AM ~ 5 PM (Mondays~Fridays)
+ Vacation period : 9:30 AM ~ 3 PM
+ Lunch Hours : Noon~1 PM