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  1. All About Bugak Hall 작성일 17.10.20조회수 27 Ha-been Kim Kookmin Review Reporter During this summer vacation season, Bugak Hall has been newly renovated. It’s not only the change of external appearance – lots of benches and places to take a rest, but inside of Bugak Hall also had some noticeable changes. The 1st floor lobby received the most striking changes. Blu…
  2. Experiencing Seasonal School at Overseas Universities! 작성일 17.09.06조회수 321 Vacation is always an exciting period but lots of college students have troubles planning and wonder about how they should spend their valuable time. Here is one solution for the worried ones! Going abroad to participate in summer/winter school program. It is an excellent way to travel abroad, get credits, and study at a foreig…
  3. 277 Behind the Scenes of the DAE DONG FESTIVAL! 작성일 17.05.23조회수 1494
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