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[Joongang Ilbo] Convergence Education crossing the boundaries of major … ripen the dream of innovation leader


A creative leader is pioneering his own future. This is the person of talent aimed by Kookmin University. Kookmin University was founded by ethnographies centered on maritime worker, Ik-hee Shin in 1946. Their goal of education was for students to self-cultivate their own nation and society after the times of emancipation. How would it be like to live in a creative economy that has its foundation of creativity and fusion? Kookmin University puts up ‘fusible talent’ as the nation’s leaders of innovation. Accordingly, there are systematic programs implemented to reinforce individual abilities.

Kookmin University established Jiam Innovators’ Studio on the 16th floor of Book-ak Building in July 2013 and started its management. Without distinction of major, the university provides venue for 30 selected registered students to take on opportunities in mentorship programs and to exchange business-forming ideas.

The name ‘Jiam’ comes from the penname of previous school premier Duk-Woo Nam (Political Science Department graduate, class of ‘46). Ex-premier Nam once said, “We need to foster unrestricted talents based on the foundation on youth establishment which will aid in the development of mid-sized businesses.”
Staying true to Jiam’s meaning, Kookmin University established the studio and began its very own all-out support.

Jiam Studio opened in July, Helps Venture Establishments
Representative personnel of Jiam Studio, a business and academic corporation professor, Beom-Seo Park said, “…lectures given in Jiam Studio are different from traditional methods in the way students from various departments are gathered to perform integrated projects connecting different fields of study.” He explained these projects by saying, “If Jiam Studio is compared to a company, the studio functions as a ‘Product Development Team’. Students perform their projects in the way the product development teams from IT companies would. Their projects are conducted in the same manner as experienced business would carry out their projects, enabling the students to make the best out of their capabilities.”

Therefore, students can directly experience product development processes at the Jiam Studio. Moreover, with successful venture businessmen as mentors, students are given the opportunities to further hone their competence by freely discussing with their mentors. Learning from seasoned leaders, students are able to find directions for their own venture business establishments.

The Jiam Studio is very active in financial investments for direct link from project achievements to actual business establishments. Professor Park announced, "We are currently trying to invite overseas investors while proposing sponsorship ideas for business establishments within the school, and we plan to induce cooperation from external companies with existing projects."

Jiam Studio offers a variety of facilities for students. The studio provides common research room and individual equipment. For this ongoing term, under the condition of completing credits, previously selected 5 students will be receiving scholarships.

The students are selected by Jiam Studio through their submitted portfolios and intense interview. Professor Park said, "A student must spend good time considering their likes and future goals. If one strives to work towards his/her goal, a genuine achievement will follow." The studio is planning to increase the number of students for the selection. Professor Park added, "Jiam Studio will continue to support students to be successfully active in the field of IT and to reinforce their fundamentals through the exchange of great insights among students from different majors. The studio aims to lead more and more students to be ready for the incoming changes and become competitive enough until they can contribute to our nation's economy."

AutomobileㆍDesign Characterization …… Cut a conspicuous figure overseas
Kookmin University's professional practical education is also correlated to the training of fusible talents. Kookmin University has promoted fields of high technology including Automobile Engineering, Design, IT (Information Technology) •BT (Biology Technology) •NT (Nano Technology) and is currently sweeping prestigious awards from numerous international tournaments.

Under the goal of uplifting the level of education and research to global 'Top 10' in the field of Automobile Engineering, Kookmin University is currently expanding the support to eco-friendly cars and intelligent automobiles including electric cars and hybrid cars. Through the only technical college of automobile engineering in the country, the Graduate school of Automobile Engineering in Kookmin University is providing sophisticated training in automobile characterizations.

In addition, Kookmin University has specialized in the design field over the past 30 years. As a result, we have dominated the top 3 international design contests (IF, IDEA, Red-dot) and have been acknowledged for our competence internationally. In recent years, the university has been selected for 5 consecutive years for 'publicly-funded projects concerning high-tech digital technology and integrated design' which is in a scale of 18.7 billion won.

A newly branched major program at Kookmin University in year 2013, Faculty of Business Analysis and Statistics is the first Business Analytics department domestically to be affiliated within the Business Administration Department. A representative from Business Administration Department said, "Our aim is to train professional talents who are capable of effectively and efficiently analyzing and evaluating the vast amount of data produced, processed, and delivered in the informational society that we are living in by fusing the field of business administration and statistics as well as big data analytics."

Convention with 254 International Universities, Active International Exchange

Meanwhile, Kookmin University accomplished active international exchange programs with a number of universities overseas in an effort of cultivating global talents. The university recently had an agreement with 254 Universities from 43 nations across the world and is currently operating joint-degree and dual degree programs utilizing Sungkok Global Ambassador (SGA), Global-Buddy and Real Time Enterprise System (RTES).

Portion of the department(s) are operating separate international exchange programs. The Administration Policy Department agreed on a dual degree program with the University of Missouri in United States and the Chinese Language and Literature Department Is operating exchange programs with Choengdodae and Harbin Universities in China. Above these, International Department is operating exchange programs with 17 Universities from countries including Russia, Japan and China. The Business Administration Department is also operating an exchange program with the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

There is a huge number of foreign students studying at Kookmin University, contributing to the large number of opportunities for the currently enrolled students to learn different languages and cultures. Recently, the university is currently planning to invite more graduate students and for research enforcement, agreements were made with the College of Engineering of Hanoi and Construction Engineering College in Vietnam.



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