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1. Visa Report & Documentation
  Residence Permit
Every foreiger residing more than 90 days in Korea should obtain a residence permit within 90 days of arrival. To obtain a residence permit a student should prepare two 3 4 cm size photos, passport, certificate of enrollment, fee of 10,000 won and visit the nearby immigration office.
  Changing Visa Status
Every student is urged to obtain a student visa (D-2) before entering Korea. Students with a short term visa (C-3) or other types of visa will not be able to stay for more than 90 days. To change the visa status, it is required to visit the immigration office.

* Required documents for the changing the visa status to Student
  visa (D-2)
1. Application form
2. Passport
3. Alien Registration Card
4. Certificate of enrollment
5. Fee 30,000won (subject to change)
  Permission to re-enter Korea
If a foreigner who has completed an alien registration plans to leave Korea for a short time and re-enter, they should receive the permission to re-enter from the immigration office. This can be also done at the Incheon Airport Immigration office.

* Required documents for the re-enter permission
1. Application form
2. Passport
3. Alien Registration Card
4. Fee 30,000won or 50,000 won (subject to change)
2. Immigration Office Sejong-ro Branch
Unhyungung SK-Hub Building 2nd Floor
89-4 Kyoungun-dong(), Jongro-gu(α), Seoul
Phone Number
* Sejong-ro Branch :
   - 02)732-6214, 6216(Fax)
* For General Inquiries (Seoul Immigration Call Center)
   - 02)2650-6212 (English, Chinese, Japanese speakers available)
City Bus : Take the green bus 1020 in front of the school main gate. Get off at the Ankook-dong bus stop. The immigratio office is across the street towards Insa-dong.

Subway :
Take the line No. 4 (Blue line) at Gireum station and transfer to line No.3 (Orange line) at Chungmuro. Than get off at Ankook station and take the exit no.5.

Taxi : Take a taxi in front of the Kookmin University main gate. It takes about 20 minutes and the fare is about 7,000 won.