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[ Kookmin Review - Monday, May 21, 2012 ]
Five Reasons that Make Students Not Study

For most university students, it’s like the beginning of seeing the truth of life once they graduate from high school. They leave their childhood nests and start to learn independence, whether they want to or not.  According to a survey taken from fifteen randomly selected male, and fifteen female Kookminians, in terms of age or the major they are studying, there are five major factors that could affect a student’s poor academic performance. Kookmin Review listed the major five factors:

1. Stress from Issues of Love
Some say love is like a drug. It’s addictive. Whether you want it or not, mischievous cupid shoots his arrow at you and before you know it, you are in love. One cannot simply wriggle out of cupid’s arrow shot. You can’t live without it. It comforts your whole existence when it’s on your side, but when it isn’t on your side, it dooms you with insanity. After all, you can do nothing about it when you are doomed by love.

2. Life Stress
There is so much stress in a university student’s life. Getting along with people, managing your money on a daily basis, or uncertainty about what to do in the future are the major factors that cause life stress for many students. This is especially true for the freshmen in the university, since it’s the first time for most of them to independently deal with some significant aspects of life.

3. The Internet
In this decade of this century of modern technological development, everyone seeks ease of life and wants to annex as much information as possible at the highest possible speed, and the Internet provides this opportunity. The Internet has the good side of bringing everybody closer and spreading information in a matter of a moment, but it also has bad effects. It wastes time for some and it is so compelling with its endless entertainment online (such as Facebook, Twitter, 9gag and so on). University students are the ones who get the most benefit from it and, at the same time, students are the ones who suffer the most academically from these consequences.

4. Laziness and the Desire to Have Fun
As winter passes by, lazy spring comes in. Party all day and party all night! A lot of students get energized by taking off their heavy load of clothes and putting on their sun glasses. While girls try out their pretty summer dresses, guys go trolling around(guys know what I mean) and everyone finds it very tempting seeing the great outdoors from behind the classroom windows.

5. Too Much Academic Pressure
In Korea, academic pressure is overwhelmingly high in comparison to other countries. Students barely have time to have a personal life if they want to get satisfactory academic results. For many university students, this hard truth is very stressful in their youth, when they should be spending their energy exploring more than just studies. They should get as much experience as they possibly can, because before too long, they will get married and have to start working.

Given all these factors, perhaps students could enjoy their personal lives while still getting a high academic result if schools changed their way of conducting lectures. Adjustments concerning the seasons, for example, or considering every individual student’s situation separately (but we all know that it will never happen in the next million years).

Unfortunately, you can’t divest yourself of all of these factors at once while you are in the university, and you can’t feel the joy of most of these experiences after you graduate university. So, try to enjoy them as much as you can while you can!

Javklantugs Byambaa(Reporter)


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