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  1. Inside 3D Printing Seoul 2016: Hardware Finally Going Big? / JungSik… 작성일 16.06.29조회수 3482 The Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo Seoul opened at the expansive Kintex Convention Center in downtown Seoul, South Korea yesterday. Being this was to be the third annual incarnation of this event, and the first two had been so different from one another, we weren’t really sure what to expect. We arrived early and …
  2. Innovative Dynamism in the Dragons’ Habitat / Eun Jong-hak(professor … 작성일 16.03.15조회수 5892 China is believed to have adopted the “trading market for technology” (shichang huan jishu) strategy in the early days of the reform and open door policy. This strategy’s main objective was to allow foreign companies that were willing to introduce new technologies to access the Chinese domestic market.  However, Chi…
  3. 74 ‘China shifting toward knowledge-based economy’ / Eun Jong-… 작성일 15.12.21조회수 4725
  4. 73 Meeting New People Is As Easy As The Internet / James Yande… 작성일 15.03.18조회수 7112
  5. 72 Tumen River for Cooperation Symbol / Sang-Joon Lee(Professo… 작성일 15.03.18조회수 7106
  6. 71 [Daily UNN]Promotes inside and outside ‘innovation’ focusin… 작성일 15.02.25조회수 7424
  7. 69 [Hankyoreh] Kookmin University, supports full scholarship t… 작성일 14.08.05조회수 9982
  8. 68 [THE KOREA TIMES] Rethinking MBA education / Professor Kim … 작성일 14.03.06조회수 12349
  9. 67 Let’s Try 작성일 13.11.27조회수 12359
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