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[Interview with a Green Designer]
Green design covers your mind in gree

he environment is one of the big topics that shape our lives, and "green design'"is the environmentally oriented design that meets the demands of the times. The Kookmin Review interviewed a green designer and heard about the relationship between green design and us.
"Write a report about the 'Role and Responsibility a Designer,' and copy The Man Who Planted Trees. 'The Role and Responsibility of a Designer' is also a subject of the graduation exam. The goal of this major is 'to create a green spirit,' Yoon Ho Seob said softly but with emphasis. On February 28, green design majors at Kookmin Graduate School of Design started a new beginning. Green Design is a course to create environment-conscious designers who can protect the global ecosystem. Prof. Yoon is a well-known green designer who introduced the concept of green design in Korean universities.
Environmental problems are one of the most urgent issues of our times. Environmental concerns have grown, and people are taking them more and more seriously. From environment-friendly agricultural products to environment-friendly clothing, green design has become a solution on economic grounds. "Of course, every product that we make should be eco-friendly, but I"m concerned that some companies seem to be jumping on the environmental bandwagon and care only for their own interests. We should reflect seriously on the future of the environment and this is green design," Yoon said.
He continued, "Naturally, the term "design" has the meaning of "green." All designers have a responsibility to make their designs ecologically sustainable. Let me take an easy example. When you build a house, the process should be green, as well as the building materials. Someday, when it is pulled down, the construction wastes should be recycled and reused. We call it Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and it is only fair that designers do it. There is no need to add  "green" or "environmental" before the word design. Unfortunately, however, our society has these strange terms."Professor Yoon began raising awareness about the need to take action. Starting with "Everyday eARThday," he has held exhibitions for green design since 2002 to send an environmental message as a designer. He is also famous for an art performance in Insadong, Seoul. From 2002, he has drawn pictures with environmental messages on old clothes using natural dye. "I did the art performance to let people know that they have more clothes than they need. That"s why I told people to bring their old clothes, not new ones." When he was chairman of the College of Design at Kookmin University, he sent an e-mail about Greening the college curriculum to all professors to gather their responses.

"How much do you ask for this shirt?" Many people asked me when I drew a picture on a T-shirt.
"It's free, and I can draw on the shirt you"re wearing.""It's free?" They were surprised.
"But it"s not actually free. You should wear it and give an environmental message to others."They were nodding as a gesture of understanding. (Greenconvas.com, 3 August 2008)

We are living in the age of well-being, with a flood of eco-friendly products. We talk about green growth, and how we can stop the tears of the North Pole. Enough has been said about. It is time that we take the "role and responsibility of being the designer" ourselves.



Kim Ji Su Reporter - 20110321
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