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Kookmin University Alumna Ye-ji Yi (Class of 2010, Department of Metalwork and Jewelry) Participates in AUTOR13 of the International Contemporary Jewelry Fair in Romania

2015 루마니아 국제현대장신구박람회 AUTOR13 참가 / 이예지 (대학원 금속공예학과 10) 동문

Ye-ji Yi, an alumna of the Graduate School of Metalwork and Jewelry (Class of 2010) at Kookmin University, participated in the International Contemporary Jewelry Fair held in Bucharest, Romania from May 9th to 10th. She was also selected as a new artist in AUTOR13.
The International Contemporary Jewelry Fair is usually held twice a year. For seven years now, this event has provided an opportunity for artists to share their ideas and artworks to the general public and other art enthusiasts in a pleasant atmosphere. The AUTOR Jewelry Magazine was subsequently published in line with the growth and expansion of this exhibition. 


The unique concept and colorful images that could attract attention were effectively exposed to the media in order to arouse people’s curiosity about modern jewelry. Moreover, recycled display counters that utilized waste panels and plastic containers were provided to the participating artists. Such attempt created the distinctive identity of AUTOR exhibition.
Jewelry artists from different countries all over the world, including Germany, France, Canada, and Eastern European countries adjacent to Romania, participated in this event to share their artworks and observe the public’s response to their creations and masterpieces. Other entities also promoted the activities of participating artists in the event. These included local broadcasting stations, JOYA (contemporary jewelry fair in Spain), Alchimia (contemporary jewelry school in Italy), and ELLE (international magazine). After the event, a venue for communication with artists from different countries was provided. Through this, the artists were able to introduce themselves, interact with other artists, and ask questions about the jewelry exhibitions that will be held in Europe. 


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