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The University Creative Asset Commercialization Support Program by the Ministry of Education Selects Kookmin University as Beneficiary

Verification of marketability (feasibility study), analysis of local and international industrial trends, securing strategic patent, etc.

The Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation of Kookmin University, through the leadership of Director Chan-ryang Park, was finally selected as beneficiary of the ‘University Creative Asset Commercialization Support Program’ supervised by the Ministry of Education and implemented by the National Research Foundation of Korea.

In this project, Kookmin University organized a consortium (Next 4U) with Ajou University, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, and Dankook University and jointly applied for the project. The chosen beneficiary will receive 300 million Won of funds for business expenses for three consecutive years. Aside from financial resources, other means of support will also be provided such as technology development, business development, and acquisition of international patents to commercialize the technology and innovations of Kookmin University.

Chan-ryang Park, Professor at the Department of Bio and Nano Chemistry and Director of the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation said, “Through this project, the researchers with excellent research accomplishments in the field of automobile and design, which are strong fields at Kookmin University and in interdisciplinary areas, will be selected to receive support for prototype development and additional assistance for research and business development. These are expected to accelerate the technology transfer and commercialization achievement in Korea.”


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