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The Korea Student Foundation selects Kookmin University as the recipient of the 2015 National Working Student Scholarship Program

Kookmin University was finally selected as the employment-linked key university of the 2015 National Working Student Scholarship Program provided by the Korea Student Foundation.

The employment-linked key university project of the National Working Student Scholarship Program links the work experience of the scholarship students to actual employment. The project also aims to establish an excellent university that strengthens the employment-connected working student scholarship program.

The primary criteria for a university’s qualification to the employment-connected working student scholarship program are the following:
• business operation for the recent 3 years;
• business operating condition;
• feasibility of business plan; and
• possibility of accomplishing employment-connected working model.

The universities that qualify in the preliminary document examination are further assessed through the following items:
• concreteness of the promotional plan;
• adequacy of business operation, organization, and human resource;
• efficiency of cooperative system construction; and
• adequacy in satisfying budget demand.
Kookmin University was solely selected as ‘the employment-linked key university in the 2015 National Working Student Scholarship Program’ last May 30th among universities located in Seoul. A total of 310 million Won will be granted annually to the university as financial support.

Kookmin University plans to execute this program by selecting excellent businesses related to several national projects such as excellent small- and medium-sized businesses operated at the Career Development Center, industrial-academic cooperation group, and working organizations (businesses) that are secured through customized on-site educational programs.

On the other hand, the Career Development Center plans to select and educate excellent human resource in connection with customized site-oriented educational programs to develop the students’ practical abilities and optimize the effect of employment-connected program. It also intends to improve the results of employment matching between working students and businesses by visiting work sites on a regular basis and conducting regular satisfaction surveys that assess the working environment and job performance of the students.

Through this program, it is expected that excellent opportunities are provided to students so they will achieve the benefits of the national working scholarship program and accumulate on-site experience for early employment.


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