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The dormitory operating team manages and operates the guest house for invited figures, exchange professors from foreign sister schools. persons working in international cooperation with kookmin university, participants in international science councils or seminars hosted by kookmin university, visiting professors, and temporary foreign instructors. There are total of 33 guest rooms available in the old guest house(Building B) and the new Guest house (Building A). They range from 20 to 69m2. Each room has basic facilities for daily living, a cooking space, and all kinds of electric products including a television and a computer with a LAN communication network. The rental fee depends on the the room size. There is a laundary room and a lounge area for tenants on the basement floor.

The school's dormitories have the finest facilities. The gross area of the dormitories is 7,220.55m2, and the area for each room is 22.83m2. There are four buildings, Building A, B, C, and D. These four buildings are composed of 96 rooms, 49 rooms, 91 rooms, and 18 rooms, respectively. these 254 rooms accommodate 1,016 students. Each is a one-room suite type dormitory with beds, shower stalls, toilets, and a LAN communication network. Besides the residential space of students, there is a large cafeteria, laundary rooms, fitness rooms, and a convenience store in our dormtory complex. Several lounges provid students with the most comfortable study space. Gireum dormitory and jeongneung dormitory are offcampus residential facility for international students. Each room is equipped with internet access, beds, desks, chairs, and other necessities.