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Department of Korean Language & Literature
The Department of Korean Language and Literature carries out research and teaches the historical tradition, characteristics, features and sources of Korean language and literature. Through comparative lingua-cultural work, the department encourages students to cultivate an independent and open-minded worldview. The department also aims to produce graduates with the potential to contribute to academic activities, modern society, education, traditional culture, and mass media so as to preserve and revitalize Korean culture within the framework of world culture.
Department of English Language & Literature
The department meets the needs of students with a diversity of interests and academic backgrounds who wish to have a deeper knowledge of the English language, to understand and develop techniques and methodological approaches with which they can study English, to expand their literary horizons, and to enhance their understanding of human expression. Primary focus is placed upon subjects related to theoretical issues and a wide variety of courses are offered in English linguistics. Courses are offered on the classical and contemporary theories and practices of literature, focusing on critical readings of modern literary works as well as classical literary works from the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries and earlier periods.
Department of Chinese Language & Literature
The department specializes in teaching Chinese language and literature. Freshmen and sophomore students focus on learning basic grammar, composition, and conversation. Junior and senior students place emphasis on classical and modern literature in order to understand the Chinese way of thinking. The department aims to help senior students understand not only literature but also current Chinese affairs. Courses offer classical and contemporary theories of literature, focusing on critical readings of modern literary works as well as classical literary works.
Department of Korean History
The main purpose of the Department of Korean History is to help the students acquire the wisdom to create an excellent cultural tradition by studying Korean History from the primitive to the present. In the basic course, we study all historical periods chronologically, participate in a field study of relics and study reading materials philologically. Thus the students improve their ability to recognize the past, the present and the future of the Korean nation. We aim to produce graduates with potential for the future.
Department of Education
The Department of Education offers courses on the theories and practices of education to train educators for secondary schools, firms, and other educational roles in our society. In order to respond effectively to these needs, the Department of Education has a colorful program with a wide range of classes from the philosophy of education to psychometrics, using highly sophisticated technology. A series of demanding training sessions are designed for students to become specialists in various educational settings. These include the secondary schools, educational administration, counseling in industrial education, human resources development, data-analyzing, education-related consulting firms, social work, and other areas requiring a certificate in education.