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School of Computer Science of Kookmin University, Selected for Software Specialization University Support Project

Kookmin University selected along with KAIST after competing with Yonsei University and Pohang University of Science and Technology

Along with KAIST, the School of Computer Science at the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Kookmin University was selected as a software specialization university in 2014.

The Software Specialization University Support Project supported by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning selects 2 universities from all 4-year universities in the nation. Then, software-related schools/departments are chosen within the selected universities. This project is implemented to develop leading software workforce with advanced software practical work capability and global competitiveness. For educational program improvement, industry-university cooperation program and partnership training program with foreign universities, Kookmin University is expected to receive 4.1 billion Won for the next 6 years. Including Korea University and Hanyang University Erica Campus that were selected for the same project in 2012, only 4 universities from all 4-year universities in the nation received this support. As this selection was made after competing with Yonsei University and Pohang University of Science and Technology, it is truly more meaningful.

Under the project goal of development of creative software workforce beyond best, the Software Specialization Project Group of Kookmin University (creative software major) signed an agreement with various schools, companies and agencies. The list includes University of California at Irvine, domestic and foreign promising startup companies such as Pepperdata and Streamlyzer, Federation of Korean Information Industries and Open Source Software Association. We plan to provide students with employment opportunity at global companies by operating all courses at the School of Computer Science with open source software base, training opportunity at UC Irvine and internship opportunity at local companies for senior students. Based on this, we expect to establish a new model in building software specialization education programs and cultivate highly qualified workforce.

Through Silicon Valley Internship Project, the School of Computer Science of Kookmin University has successfully sent highly qualified students right before graduation to startup companies in the Silicon Valley as interns to seek local employment. The expansion of this program through support from this project will motivate students to actively engage in software development. As a result, our university was able to establish a model of a university that teaches software well and develops top global leaders.

Kookmin University is putting the best effort to reform the university structure following a big drop in the number of students and strengthen competitiveness based on comparative advantage by reestablishing the mid- and long-term development plans (Challenge 1010-to be ranked in top 10 private universities in the nation within 10 years) and core values for students. Also, our university is heavily involved in industry-university cooperation and university specialization to help the creative economy of university and develop creative workforce. Based on this, Kookmin University recently showed noticeable growth in various evaluations and projects such as selection for Leaders in Industry/University Cooperation Program Project (LINC), Capital Area University Specialization Project (CK-II) and Support Project for University Contributing to Normalization of High School Education.