[LINC] Selected as Outstanding University for Specialization Area Investment and Field-oriented Operation


The implementation of differentiated strategy for specialized areas and steady development is a driving force.
"Continuing startup support and development of global workforce with convergence and integration capability"

Kookmin University (President Ji-Soo Yoo) was newly selected as an outstanding university for the project stage 2 of 2014 Leaders in Industry/University Cooperation Program (LINC) development project. Kookmin University will receive 4 billion Won yearly and 12 billion Won for the next 3 years. The selection for the LINC project was made through the integration of comparative evaluation results of 43 universities that applied for new participation and 51 universities that participated in the project stage 1. Kookmin University was newly selected along with Joongang University for the Capital area field-oriented type that 10 universities applied for.

Especially, Kookmin University was evaluated to be outstanding for the adequacy of selecting specialized areas of future mobility and heath care and the presentation of differentiated project plans. This outstanding evaluation was obtained because of our universitys differentiated specialization strategies and our universitys dedicated efforts to correct deep-rooted problems such as lack of academic knowledge, competence for practical work and capability for adapting in the actual field after graduation.

The selection for the LINC project was realized through the successful implementation of KMU1010, universitys mid- and long-term development plans, since 1991. Through self-evaluation, university structural reforms such as reduction of student numbers for 22 undergraduate programs and establishment of School of Automotive Convergence were made. Also, our university selected 5 specialization areas that can contribute to the convergence of different academic majors and industry-university cooperation such as automotive technology design bio-convergence technology. Then, we focused on developing them. As a result, last years employment rate for undergraduate programs that participated in the LINC project reached above 75%. The design area was recognized internationally by winning awards at top 3 design competitions in the world (IF, IDEA and Red-dot).

The budget of 300 billion and 9 hundred million Won will be invested in the specialization areas for the next 10 years. Most importantly, our university will focus on developing competence for practical work and capability for adapting in the actual field by switching from theory-oriented education to field-oriented education through industry-university field training and capstone design related startup.


 Nations best startup support platform = Kookmin University provides UIT Design Solution Center, the nations best startup support platform. The UIT Design Solution Center is a startup platform where students can realize ideas and test business models. The infrastructure to minimize students risk and burden regarding startup is also available. The center takes pride in having world-class prototype product manufacturing facilities and 161 units of startup support equipment intended for each commercialization stage.
Through research, education and utilization of available facilities, the UIT Design Center can provide real industry-university cooperation and early education. The center is also used as a cultural space for the local community. Various state-of-the-art equipment and solutions make practical design education and work support for medium-size companies possible.

In order to help students experience startup, startup-friendly academic systems such as temporary school absence for startup and field work semester were employed and startup lectures related to the startup support platform were opened. At the UIT Design Center, students can hold an auction for design ideas related to proto-type product manufacturing. Also, the center can be used for startup activities such as startup item exploration, prototype product manufacturing and survey/analysis of consumer feedback.

New experiments are attempted at the Jiam Innovators Studio established in 2013. For each semester, the studio provides scholarship, joint research office and research facility to selected students of any academic major who are interested in startup.  Through product development-like classes that are similar to the companys product development processes, the students capability can be maximized. Students can experience product development processes and get mentoring from successful venture entrepreneurs. Furthermore, students can receive investment to lead project outcome into startup.

School of Automotive Convergence recognized with Asias No. 1 award in 2014 = The School of Automotive Convergence established this year is the nations first convergence college in the field of automobile. Along with faculty members with extensive experience in the automobile industry, the school offers field-oriented specialized courses to help students obtain profound knowledge on various high-tech automotive technologies. The school operates the contract-based automotive department along with Hyundai Motor Group. Using the design and engineering software worth 350 billion Won donated through the GMs Face Program, the automotive design-planning-software convergence education is being offered.

Starting this year, the school offers the long-term overseas internship program (over 6 months) through an agreement with KIT, BOSCH and IPG in Germany, the leading country in the automobile industry. The operation of this program helped us win various awards. Our team was No. 1 in Asia (No. 10 in the world) for 3 consecutive years at the Formula SAE and No. 1 at the university students competition of the Unmanned Solar Vehicle Challenge.


LINC project leader Hong-Jae Lim We plan to develop global workforce through the overseas internship program.

- What kind of change was made since being selected for the LINC project?

We are trying to make big changes such as the hiring of industry-university cooperation friendly faculty members and the introduction of evaluation system. To attract qualified persons with industry experience when hiring faculty members, the school offers various incentives such as the expansion of work experience recognition. To develop conditions for professors to concentrate on industry-university cooperation, we are expanding evaluation items related to industry-university cooperation. Furthermore, we provide the infrastructure and the system to help students carry out capstone design and business model test for startup. Through the field work semester system and the temporary school absence system for startup, students can have an opportunity to realize their dream without too much burden.

- What are the representative programs?

Our representative programs are overseas internship programs such as 'Silicon Valley Internship'. According to a recent article written based on data presented by Higher Education in Korea, our university is ranked 12 among Capital area universities in the area of global education capability. Based on our global education capability, our university is expanding field work opportunity to overseas countries. Students participating in the LINC project will be sent overseas for over 6 months as interns. Automobile, IT, health care and design major students will be sent to Germany, Silicon Valley, Napa Valley and Italy, respectively. The representative group of K-Group, the biggest Korea community in the Silicon Valley, was appointed as a mentor group, and the group agreed to help students find employment in the Silicon Valley. We already signed an agreement with KIT, BOSCH and IPG in Germany, the leading country in the automobile industry.

- What are the future plans?

We are confident that our university became the most competitive for the future mobility and health care areas in the nation through the LINC project. Based on this, we plan to develop practical workforce with convergence and integration capability that meets industrys demand and global workforce with creativity and leadership.


No. Title
1 Kookmin University, selected for the 2014 Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation project