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How About KMU Master’s Program?

2014 is coming to an end and many students are concerned about their career opportunities and their impending graduation. According to the Ministry of Education, 58.6 percent of college graduates from two-year and four-year colleges have found jobs. In other words, only half of the graduating students are being employed. Due to unemployment issues, many students take a gap year. In 2011, 8,270 students took a gap year. In 2013, nearly twice as many students, 14,975 students took a gap year and delayed their graduation. In 2014, 15,239 students are expected to make similar decisions. At KMU, approximately 28 percent of students take a semester off every semester.
For better career, students use the gap year to obtain a certificate, study a foreign language, enhance college experience through internship or volunteer work, or ponder about their future jobs. As reported by ‘Think Contest’, a renowned website, 42.1 percent of respondents claimed that they are remorseful for squandering time without specific goals, and 11 percent asserted that their ineffective gap year was a bad choice. This presents how vulnerable taking a break from school can become.
To avoid such matters, the KMU Master’s program, with 48 different studies, can be an alternative to delaying graduation. Kookminians can prepare for employment while enrolled in the graduate school. It’s a great opportunity to study the current major in depth, to study a major that better matches future career, or to study a new field which you haven’t had a chance. Since the KMU’s Master’s Program requires 24 credits, only two to three courses are necessary for each semester. Moreover, many classes are scheduled in the evening. Thus, morning and afternoon can be used for self-development.

Also, KMU provides approximately 15 types of scholarships. The table on the right lists several types of scholarships for Kookminians.
In addition, there are external scholarships available. Therefore, without financial burdens, Kookminians can continue with their career preparation without delaying their graduation and have more accomplishments on their resumes. Do not hesitate to check the KMU Graduate School website ( for more information. If the application due date has passed, consult with a professor. Another chance may be waiting during the additional recruitment period.
Also, to lower the escalating number of students taking a gap year, the Administration Office of KMU Graduate School should put more emphasis in promoting the graduate school program to Kookminians. Apart from orientation from each department, it would be more effectual if the administration office holds an orientation for all Kookminians. It could be a better method to inform students related to the graduate school program and scholarship benefits, and to assist students with future plans.
This is just one of the alternatives to the gap year. It is the individual’s decision and that matters the most. Good luck!


Suh-Jean Hwang
Guest Reporter

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