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[Hankyoreh] Kookmin University, supports full scholarship to students from a welfare facility


Kookmin University grants full scholarship to the students from an orphanage or to the foster care students for 4 years of university. Kookmin University announced the newly established ‘Gaonnuri System’ that provides free education to the students from a child welfare facility from the first semester of 2015. Also, revisions to the related regulations were announced. Once a person reaches the age of 18, he/she has to leave the welfare facility and only with 1 ~ 1.5 million won of fund provided by the government, it is difficult to receive higher education as the average tuition of a private university is more than 7 million won a year.

Anyone who stayed in a domestic child welfare facility, such as a child-care institution or orphanage authorized by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, for more than three years or those who are registered in the city, county, or district as a child living in a group home or foster family are granted the scholarship. Since the tuition for a semester this year is 3.32 million won (humanities college) ~ 4.89 million won (art college), the 4-year scholarship is estimated to be 26 ~ 39 million won. Once a student passes the admission and satisfies certain academic qualification, the scholarship is granted and there is no limit on the number of admissions.

There are some universities that exempt 60~70% of tuition for some students who experience financial difficulty; however, a person interested in Kookmin University said it is the only university that supported full scholarship for 4 years. Kookmin University is also seeking a measure to support full scholarship to the descendants of the patriots who fought for national independence.
President Ji-soo Yoo of Kookmin University said, “Kookmin University was founded by the people from the provisional government in Shanghai, China to cultivate the men of talent for the national reconstruction and our first president is Sir Shin Ik-hee. In order to fulfill our mission in accordance with the purpose of the establishment, we have provided the scholarship system.”
From February this year, Kookmin University participated in educational and charity events for the children and students of a social welfare organization Angels' Haven, located in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul.

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