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‘Marquis Who’s Who,’ a Biographical Directory, Registers Dr. Yeong-deuk Jo (Class of 1998, Department of Mathematics)

‘Marquis Who’s Who,’ one of the world’s three biographical directories, has registered Dr. Yeong-deuk Jo in its 2016 issue (33rd edition). Dr. Yeong-deuk Jo graduated from the Department of Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences, at Kookmin University in 1998.
Currently, Dr. Jo teaches mathematics at Kookmin University. He has conducted researches in the field of inverse problems, specifically on imaging a thin and long object with different inner properties and imaging different types of cracks. Dr. Jo strictly investigated the structure of MUSIC and subspace migration algorithm using a mathematical approach. He also included in his researches the non-repeatable imaging algorithm that can be used as the initial value in the imaging technology, much like the existing Iterative method. Through these researches, he was able to recommend the improved algorithm. Moreover, he published various articles in world-renowned international journals, and local and international academic conferences while contributing to academic development in the relevant fields. Professor Won-kwang Park, the academic advisor of Dr. Jo and current professor at the Department of Mathematics in Kookmin University, was also registered in the Marquis Who’s Who 2011 issue (28th edition). Thus, teacher (Professor Park) and student (Dr. Jo) share the joy and glory of being listed in a prestigious biographical directory. 
‘Marquis Who’s Who’ was first published in 1899. It is a prominent biographical directory recognized in the world along with American Biographical Institute (ABI) and International Biographical Centre (IBC). Every year, this directory introduces important figures who have made outstanding achievements in their fields.


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