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Graduate Jae-seong Lee (School of Communications – class of 2006), successfully accepted as the announcer of KBS

The graduate Jae-seong Lee in the School of Communications (class of 2006) was successfully accepted for the regular recruitment of KBS in 2014. For this time, 1 male and 1 female announcer were selected and the graduate Jae-seong Lee was the only successful male candidate.

As for the announcers who graduated from Kookmin University, there are Gyeong-jin Im of former announcer of MBC (Department of Economics & Commerce - class of 1990), Yeong-song (School of Communications– class of 1999), Yun-a Goh of HCN (School of Communications – class of 2003), Se-hui Kim of SBS Sports (Department of Public Law – class of 2008), In-seong Hwang of Yonhap News Agency (Department of Forest Products & Biotechnology – class of 2005) besides the well-known Seok-hee Son, the CEO of press bureau at cable channel JTBC (Department of Korean Language & Literature – class of 1976) and currently, they are very active in various fields of media.


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