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Kookmin University implements ‘programming curriculum for new students majoring in non-science and engineering courses

For the first time in Korean universities, Kookmin University implements computer programming as the common required curriculum for all students majoring in non-science and engineering courses. This development was covered in major media outlets including the press and broadcast stations. For the new students in 2015, “Computer Programming I and II” will be required subjects for one year. Software technology has recently become important in various fields like arts, physical education, and business administration. The implementation of the programming curriculum was the initiative of President Ji-soo Yu in order to help the students understand computer programming since it is the foundation of software development.


Professor Min-suk Lee of the School of Computer Science, who planned and managed the overall programming education said, “Without mentioning Apple or Google, software is clearly the prime motor that creates new values. Students in non-science and engineering courses who will get the basic computer programming education can maximize their competence not only in their major fields of study, but also in society, industry, and the arts. With good software skills, students can think logically and constructively while managing their studies. The basic programming course does not intend to produce professional software developers. Rather, it aims to develop the students’ (of non-science and engineering courses) ability to control logical and constructive thinking. Thus, it can be a powerful tool for them to achieve their dreams. Moreover, software knowledge will positively affect the students’ employability as it can be applied in immeasurable ways.”

Furthermore, Professor Lee said, “A study is being conducted for 20 students who are especially interested in computer programming and IT. Through such activity, I hope that the students will discover and develop their aptitude beginning in their freshmen year.”

Professor Lee was the former dean of NHN NEXT, an academic institution that was established for the development of skills specializing in software for common uses like search, portal, gaming, social network service, and cloud service in Naver.

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