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The Ministry of Education certifies Kookmin University as an authority in International Education Quality Assurance System

Kookmin University was selected as a certification authority of International Education Quality Assurance System (IEQAS) by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice. An evaluation was done by these departments in 2014 on the rate of enlistment and management of international students in various schools.

International Education Quality Assurance System (IEQAS) was launched in 2011 with the aim to propose ideal but practical standards for international student management. Furthermore, it strives to enhance the quality of foreign students who wish to develop their skills and competitiveness through the advanced Korean educational system. Since then, the IEQAS has improved Korea’s image as a center of premier educational institutions and has successfully supported the foreign students’ studies in Korea. Consequently, IEQAS has contributed to the cultivation of excellent human resources, trained in Korea but are globally competitive. Moreover, as a result of the improved system, the rate of foreign students’ illegal stay in Korea has continuously declined.

The certification’s validity is good for three years. However, certain conditions must be met even during the certification’s validity period. More than 5 absolute indexes out of total 6 indexes must be satisfied such as drop-out or illegal stay rate; versatility of international students; financial stability; linguistic competence; medical insurance subscription rate; and dormitory provision rate. Otherwise, the certification authority will be revoked.

For authorized universities with less than 1% of illegal stay rate at the point of certification, the evaluation criteria for visa issuance to international students are eased. To apply for a student visa, only the standard admission letter (regardless of country of origin) is required. As for another incentive for foreign students, the number of hours for the work permit is extended from 20 hours to 25 hours per week. Moreover, priority consideration is given to various expositions like global education fairs and job fairs hosted by the Ministry of Education, Global Korea Scholarship (GKS), and National Institute for International Education. GKS is a government-supported scholarship program that provides foreign students with financial support.

In this certification assessment, Kookmin University not only satisfied all of the 6 absolute indexes, but was also highly evaluated in terms of professional and systematic support system for international students. The university achieved this through the operation of International Student Support Center and International Student Counseling Center.

Currently, the number of international students in the undergraduate courses in Kookmin University is ranked Fourth place in Korea. The selection of the university as an IEQAS authority bears testament to its excellence in qualitative induction, high quality education, strong support and management of foreign students.


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