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Kookmin University Holds a Special Lecture with President Jean Philippe Courtois of Microsoft International as Invited Guest

A special lecture with the topic “Your Role in the Future Business Transformation” was held on the 1st floor of the Administration Hall of Kookmin University at 11 a.m. on March 3, 2015. President Jean Philippe Courtois of Microsoft International was invited to the lecture which aimed to develop globally-competitive human resources.

President Jean Philippe Courtois of Microsoft International directs the global sales, marketing, and technical services of Microsoft Corporation in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia (except North America). Since his inauguration as the President of Microsoft International, he has taken the initiative in strategy planning, global management, and major growth strategy in the regions previously mentioned.

This special lecture was conducted as a follow-up activity resulting from the “MOU on Global Creative Human Resource Cultivation”. This agreement was concluded between Kookmin University and Microsoft Corporation last January 19, 2015 as a means to achieve industry-university cooperation. For the development of creative human resources worldwide, both organizations plan to jointly operate four industry-university connected tracks starting this year, specifically “Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Multidisciplinary Capstone Design, and Microsoft Experience Program”.

Majority of administrative professors of Kookmin University attended this event including President Ji-soo Yu. The other main participants were Director Hong-jae Im of LINC Business; Director Chan-ryang Park of Industrial-University Cooperation Group; Vice-Director Gi-hong Park of LINC Business; Vice-President Wu-seong Im; and Director Seong-jin Park of Microsoft Korea. In addition to the special lecture, there were other presentations such as the internship at Microsoft Corporation as presented by the HR Team of Microsoft Korea, and the personal experiences of employees who started their careers from the internship as related by the employees themselves .

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