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The stationery store in the student Union building of Kookmin University, opened ‘Startup Corner’

The Living Cooperative Association (President Gi-bok Baek) and Startup Assistance Group (Leader Do-hyeon Kim) of Kookmin University concluded an agreement at 9a.m. on December 3rd (Wed.) for the vitalization of undergraduate/graduate students of Kookmin University and the support and cultivation of startup businesses. As for the first joint activity of this agreement, the ‘Startup Corner’ was opened in the stationery store of the student Union building in Kookmin University from the afternoon on December 3rd.

The ‘Startup Corner’ is the space that exhibits and sells products made by current or recently graduated young entrepreneurs of Kookmin University. In this place, it is possible to purchase creative products of 6 entrepreneurs such as design accessories (REBRIS) through recycling of waste bicycles, eco-friendly soap (LEAH & PHILOS), and scented accessories (Scentssory) for prices reduced by as much as 50%.

The Living Cooperative Association and Startup Assistance Group of Kookmin University planned this project to support marketing and new market opening of the startup businesses at the early stage while offering innovative products to the members of Kookmin University. This ‘Startup Corner’ will be gradually expanded.

The Leader Do-hyeon Kim of the Startup Assistance Group in Kookmin University who planned this corner with the Living Cooperative Association said, “The significance of this project can be found from the suggestion of a new model that cultivates and supports the current or recently graduated young entrepreneurs of Kookmin University based on the purchase power of the university members.”

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