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Kookmin University, takes initiative of industry-university cooperation specialization

The LINC Project Team of Kookmin University held the ‘2014 Kookmin University Industry-University Cooperation Festival’ in the Exhibition Hall 1 of Yangjae aT Center at 11a.m. on December 12, 2014 (Fri.) with the participation of about 500 people including people from family companies, professors, and students from other universities that advanced to the International Capstone Design Contest on Renewable Energy Technology.
This Industry-University Cooperation Festival was designed to expand and vitalize the industry-university cooperative culture, increase the efficiency of industry-university cooperation and provide the opportunity for mutual interchange through the meeting of Kookmin University and family companies. It is also aimed to support the business all-set through business promotion and product introduction of the family companies, vitalize the curriculum for capstone design, which is the industry-university cooperative LINC project, and share/spread the excellent cases, while creating an R&D environment that satisfies the era of creative economy based on industry-university specialization and improving the students’ employment through career support program with the cooperation between university and industry.


In the Exhibition Hall, a total of 105 item booths of businesses, performance exhibition, Capstone Design, and Seoul Regional Employment and Labor Administration in relation with industry-university cooperation are installed.

From 11a.m. when the festival began, the general meeting of the Industry-University Cooperation Council specialized in future mobility was held to derive industry-university cooperative agendas that promote win-win situation of businesses and university in terms of support of complex technology among businesses, utilization of joint research equipment, technology transfer, and re-education of manpower in businesses. In the general meeting, a special lecture of CEO Ik-su-han from Hanyang Precision Co., Ltd. was provided on behalf of the family companies, having a theme of ‘Competitiveness of Small and Medium Businesses – Responsibility Boundary Production System.’


After the general meeting, various events such as employment counseling of the participating businesses, ‘Capstone Design Open Market’ that connected the accomplishment of capstone design to technology transfer and commercialization, ‘Match against the Employment King of Kings’ that determined the employment king among the students, and ‘Health-care in Real Experience Promotion Contest’ that presented the academic achievement of health-care industry were promoted with the support of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, Gangnam Employment Security Center, Korea Valuation Association, and Korean Certified Entrepreneurship Consultant Association.

In the opening ceremony, Hong-jae Im, the leader of the LINC Project Team of Kookmin University (Vice-president) expressed, “This festival is our first stride to realize creative business cooperative model. From this point onwards, we will be a reliable partner that supports and cooperates with our family businesses to grow as global hidden champions. Also through the Industry-University Cooperation Festival, we will realize industry-university cooperation based on the discovery of creative human resource and customized business support. Please honor us with your presence for the festival of Creative Kookmin that will become the foundation of creative Korea.”



The undergraduate student Je-gyeong Yi (U&I Team, Class of 2010 in the School of Management Information Systems) said, “I made a work with students from other areas for a semester, aimed at participating in the festival. We exchanged ideas and directly listened to the feedback from people. While organizing various reactions and feedbacks, we were able to have a chance to improve our work through the practical business teams. Although we had to go through a troublesome process to participate in an event like this, we were able to receive dynamic assistance from the university and it helped us mature our work. With this experience, we attempt to challenge further in the near future. Especially, it is a very valuable experience for students to directly listen to the professors’ opinions and derive their attention. From that perspective, it was a really impressive experience for me.”



Manager Do-hyeon Kim of the Employment Support Team said this festival was an opportunity for students to understand how their education in the university was applied in the real industry and what kind of talent was needed in businesses.

‘The 2014 Kookmin University Industry-University Cooperation Festival’ continued until 15:00 on December 13, 2014 (Sat.).


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