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Kookmin University, acquired the Certification of Superior Institute for Educational Donation


In recognition of the advanced accomplishment for educational sharing and settlement of sharing culture for the cultivation of creative human resource, Kookmin University acquired the Certification of 「2014 Superior Institute for Educational Donation.」 The ‘Certification of Superior Institute for Educational Donation’ is a system that aims to reinforce the competitiveness of public education by securing various experience opportunities among kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school students and through exemplary practice criterion and strict evaluation, the government appoints an institute that satisfied the qualification for ‘educational donation.’

Kookmin University executed three educational donation programs, namely, Dream Tree Soccer Class of Eunpyeong Angels’ Haven (supervised by the PR Team), Vision-Up Visual Media Camp (supervised by the School of Communications), and Geom-geom Educational Support Camp (supervised by the Department of Education) for 2014 and with these, Kookmin University was accredited as an institute for educational donation while gaining favorable response from the service-receiving students and local society.

For the institute that was appointed for educational donation, the certification and tablet of appointment as an institute for educational donation are granted under the name of the Minster of Education and the authority to use the ‘Education Donation Mark’ is granted to actively utilize it as an excellent institute for educational donation. The certification mark of educational donation is to be renewed every three years and for this, the appointed institute is obliged to submit the efforts made for educational donation every December and consistently and actively participate in educational donation activities by registering the educational donation program of the Education Donation site.

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