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Kookmin University, concluded MOU with China Central Academy of Fine Arts, the best arts academy in China

President Ji-soo Yu of Kookmin University visited China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), the best arts academy in China, on July 2nd and concluded MOU for mutual cooperation of the two universities. CAFA that is waiting for its 100th anniversary in 2018 was established by Mao Zedong and as the sole higher arts university that belonged to the Ministry of Education in China, only limited top elites can enter the university. Currently, CAFA is composed of six schools and colleges including School of Fine Art, Chinese Painting, Design, Architecture, Humanities, and City Design. Through this MOU, various forms of academic exchange such as professor and students exchange as well as installation of Kookmin University Preparatory Course within the International Foundation Course of CAFA will be promoted.

In the course of MOU conclusion, CAFA congratulated Kookmin University’s selection as the Supporting Program for University Specialization in Capital Region and it showed special interest in the education on automobile convergence. In line with this, CAFA requested special support on the development and operation of educational program specialized in automobile design.

The School of Fine Art in CAFA shows high competition ratio of 100:1 as more than 10,000 people apply for the selection of 125 freshmen each year and in case of the International Foundation Course, only 75 people are selected and then transferred to world-renowned art universities. Thus if the Kookmin University Preparatory Course is installed, it is expected to induce excellent Chinese students to Kookmin University.

President Ji-soo Yu, Executive Director Ji-yong Kim, former University Dean Gyeong-jo No, Vice-dean Jun-su Ha of the College of Design, and Head Professor In-ho Song of the Department of Automotive & Transportation Design concluded the MOU and visited the art museum of CAFA that was selected as one of the three art museums of China this time and 798 Art District, the world-renowned art district. Formerly, electric wire factories were formed in 1950s at the current 798 Art District but as CAFA temporarily stayed in this area while rebuilding its current campus, it was settled as an art district as seen today.

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