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The College of Arts, successfully collaborated with Elisabeth University of Music in Japan

The student exchange music concert between the College of Arts in Kookmin University and Elisabeth University of Music (located in Hiroshima) was successfully held in the Xavier Recital of the Elisabeth University of Music at 6:45 p.m. on July 4th, 2014 (Fri.).

In this concert, the solo performance of Ja-yeong Kim and Ji-eun Sin from the doctorate course and Da-hyeon Park and Se-ri Park from the undergraduate course showed excellent performing skill under the guidance of Professor Sun-hyung Lee in the Department of Piano in Kookmin University. Through continuous ensemble concert with the students of Elisabeth University of Music, it marked a milestone for the promotion of amicable cooperation while pondering the meaning of exchange music concert.

Since concluding MOU in 2003, Kookmin University and Elisabeth University of Music have promoted various exchange events such as professor exchange, students’ music concert, and student exchange, and campus visit. In 2007, the first exchange concert was held in Kookmin University and in 2011, the students from Elisabeth University of Music participated in Kookmin University’s music festival at the invitation of Kookmin University.

국민대학교 예술대학과 일본 엘리자베스음악대학의 학생교류연주회 2014.7.4(금) 18:45 / 학생 프로필 : 국민대학교 김자영, 신지은, 박다현, 박세리 학생, 엘리자베스음악대학 Ayako Yoshikawa, Yui Suemasa, Yurina Urasaki 학생 외 3명

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