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Welcome to Kookmin University!

Kookmin University, the first private university after Koreas independence, was established by Mr. Shin, Ik Hee and other main members of the Shanghai interim government of Korea.

Deeply rooted in the four founding principles, humanism, nationalism, culturalism, and industrialism that Mr. Kim, Sung Gon emphasized, Kookmin University has grown into a fixture of the academia of Korea with 23,000 students enrolled.

In the midst of the ever changing academic climate and social changes, with selfless dedication from all members of KMU, we strive to become a globally recognized institute by making a world of academia unique to none other than KMU as well as being bold to the changes and challenges ahead.

Now universities of a knowledge base society have entered into a competition that is more severe than ever before. KMU is trying to solidify its educational foundation to maintain its role as a leading player by employing three operative goals such as attracting outside funding, establishing the standards of reasonable distribution of resources, and building an efficient structural system.

Your dream does not have to stay a dream because your dream can turn into a reality when it is shared with others. KMU will dream with you. KMU will go through changes, create opportunities, and face challenges with you. There is nothing impossible if you are with KMU. We will make KMU a type of university people want to be part of, graduates are proud of, and that values hard work and quality education rather than what is just shown on the surface.

Today I urge you to be part of supporting KMU as she goes through each new challenge and turns it into an opportunity!