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  1. Want to Change the World? Join us at the Creative Factory! KMU Ventur… 작성일 15.10.27조회수 4173   KMU’s only campus-wide venture club, Creative Factory is divided into the Venture Team and the Contest Team. The Venture Team participates in various business ventures and learns about business processes, while the Contest Team enters contests and competitions. In the process of pursuing these activities, the club…
  2. [Another Kookmin*People] Crossing Eurasia with Passion and Romance! M… 작성일 15.10.14조회수 3924   Many students head abroad as exchange students or for language programs, each with their own dream. “I want to master a language before I return!” “I’m going to travel to my heart’s content!”—these are some of the things they proclaim as they board the plane. In reality, however, studying abroad isn’t as easy as i…
  3. 266 KMU Korean Language Center – the Steadfast Partner for Stud… 작성일 15.10.14조회수 4424
  4. 265 Should Freshmen Have Fun? 작성일 15.09.23조회수 4155
  5. 264 Union of Russian Related Areas, URRA 작성일 15.09.23조회수 4250
  6. 263 [The Summer SGE Program in 2015] Mongolia, journey in the v… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 4312
  7. 262 [Another Kookmin*People] A girl from America, Malina Fairch… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 4336
  8. 261 Oppakkaoli, the YouTube program sensation in Thailand! 작성일 15.09.08조회수 4565
  9. 260 Kookmin University’s School of Architecture holds an exhibi… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 4252
  10. 259 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition 2015 작성일 15.09.08조회수 4308