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  1. The Welcome Kit & Openfeminism 작성일 17.05.10조회수 1451 Did the picture on the cover page baffle you? For those who do not have a clue what the package is, the chosen cover ‘model’ for this issue might seem quite random and confusing. Well, the package shown in the cover page is called a ‘Welcome Kit’. Some might be familiar with what the ‘Welcome Kit’ is, since it has been introduc…
  2. Welcome to Kookmin! 작성일 17.05.10조회수 1458 It’s been awhile since school started and there are lots of new faces in Kookmin University and some of them are exchange students! This semester, we have numerous foreign students from all over the globe including Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, USA, China, France, Canada, and many more. They are staying here for a semes…
  3. 142 GM PACE 2015 Annual Forum Participation and Automobile Desi… 작성일 15.10.27조회수 8456
  4. 141 Aiming to Complete the “Death Rally” with a Solar Car Built… 작성일 15.10.14조회수 8229
  5. 140 Article Published in SCI Listed Journal, ChemSusChem / Kyun… 작성일 15.10.14조회수 5817
  6. 139 Two Fascinating Car Makers, KUST & KORA 작성일 15.09.23조회수 6147
  7. 138 Our Boxing Champion and the KMU Boxing Club 작성일 15.09.23조회수 6038
  8. 137 ‘Marquis Who’s Who,’ a Biographical Directory, Registers Dr… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 6449
  9. 136 Graduate School of Metalwork and Jewelry Team Receives Awar… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 6336
  10. 135 Kookmin University Alumnus Jong-seong Yi (Class of 2013) Re… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 6078