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  1. GM PACE 2015 Annual Forum Participation and Automobile Design Competi… 작성일 15.10.27조회수 7228 This year’s GM PACE Annual Forum was attended by 220 students and 85 professors from 50 universities and 12 different countries in addition to 90 executives and employees from relevant industries. Hosted by the GM Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education (GM PACE), the GM PACE 2015 Annual Forum wa…
  2. Aiming to Complete the “Death Rally” with a Solar Car Built by Studen… 작성일 15.10.14조회수 7008 KUST enters the world’s largest solar car competition.  Facing foreign teams that have invested the equivalent of billions of won in their solar cars, “we are going to show the world the quality of Korean solar technology” with a car that cost only KRW 100 million to build. Nine university students covered with fib…
  3. 140 Article Published in SCI Listed Journal, ChemSusChem / Kyun… 작성일 15.10.14조회수 4729
  4. 139 Two Fascinating Car Makers, KUST & KORA 작성일 15.09.23조회수 4972
  5. 138 Our Boxing Champion and the KMU Boxing Club 작성일 15.09.23조회수 4887
  6. 137 ‘Marquis Who’s Who,’ a Biographical Directory, Registers Dr… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 5262
  7. 136 Graduate School of Metalwork and Jewelry Team Receives Awar… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 5164
  8. 135 Kookmin University Alumnus Jong-seong Yi (Class of 2013) Re… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 4959
  9. 134 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences appoints Kw… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 5036
  10. 133 Kookmin University Alumna Ye-ji Yi (Class of 2010, Departme… 작성일 15.09.08조회수 5119